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Choose Your Path

Choose Your Path

When it comes to body transformation goals, there are many paths that we can take. But here's what we have to understand; there is only one path that will lead to meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. Every other path we choose is going to lead to a roller coaster ride of constant weight loss and weight gain. These other paths, in no way, will lead to meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. Sure, each of these other paths will lead to fast weight loss, that is temporary of course. And the one guarantee on choosing these other paths is this… A guaranteed regain of some, all or even more of the bodyweight that was initially lost.

Now remember, these paths and the choices that we make is not about a right choice versus a wrong choice. Rather, it's simply about making the choice, accepting the choice that we made and accepting the consequences, good or bad, that will result based on our choice. The path that is going to lead to meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime is the path of eating right and fueling the body right. Every other path you have to choose from is simply a diet. While each of these, latest and greatest, food fads and diets may appear different, they are really all the same in terms of how the body is going to respond. The wrapping paper and the bow on top may be a different color, but the contents are all the same. Whether it's a cleanse, a fast, gluten-free diet, low carbohydrate, no carbohydrate, no sugar, low sugar, caveman diet, etc., this is a path that will lead to fast weight loss and an even faster weight gain, guaranteed.

There is always going to be a subset of individuals that are perfectly okay choosing these diet paths. As mentioned above, they accept their choice and they accept and understand the consequences of their choice. They know and are okay with the fact that they are probably going to lose a quick 10-20 pounds and then in time, regain some, all or even more of this weight right back. They don't complain about it, they don't regret the decisions that they make. Rather, they embrace it, and that is perfectly fine, that's their choice to take these paths. They are not necessarily looking for meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime, as they are okay with the yo-yo dieting and jumping from one food fad and diet to the next. Remember, they accept the consequences of their choices.

Now, here is where we can plug in a "right versus wrong." If someone knowingly and consciously choose the diet path and understands the consequences of going down this path (yo-yo dieting, weight cycling and a constant battle with their weight loss), but then complains about not achieving meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime, frustration will ensue. Basically, this individual has self-inflicted frustration on themselves. They know the diet world doesn't work. They know the food fad world doesn't work. Therefore, choosing this path and then getting frustrated and complaining about the lack of meaningful and sustainable results, is self-inflicted.

Next, let's examine the path of eating right and fueling the body right. If individuals truly want to Avoid the Diet Disaster™, this would be the path for them. We want to treat our body as if it's our business (Your Body, Your Business). Talk to any successful business owner and they will tell you that a big part of their success was always keeping their foot on the gas. And the same holds true with the human body when it comes to body transformation. And this is what we have to understand and accept when we choose the path of eating right and fueling the body right. It's a lifestyle, we can keep it that simple. It's just something we do on a daily basis and it becomes so automatic, that we do not even think about. And the payoff is absolutely incredible. Choosing this path is choosing the gift that keeps on giving. When we choose this path for body transformation, we are accepting the fact that it takes a lot of time, effort, energy, patience, focus and determination. And, not only are we okay with that, we embrace that. Taking one successful baby step at a time is just how we approach every step down this path. We are not looking for "fast weight loss." We are looking for body transformation that is going to last for a lifetime because we have made this our lifestyle. When we choose this path, we don't focus and over focus on the results. We are patient, we are in this for a lifetime and we are all-in. We simply focus on one successful step at a time because we know that that next successful step is one step closer to the mountaintop.

If you are looking for meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime, let 9Round Nutrition be the path that you choose. 9Round Nutrition is neither a diet nor a food fad. This is simply eating right and fueling the body right. When we choose this path, the focus remains simple; fuel the body right away upon awakening. Fuel the body every 2.5-3.5 hours thereafter, all throughout the day. (Fuel your body with the meals and snacks as prescribed in the 9Round Nutrition Matrix and 9Round Quick Meals). By doing so, we are sure that, at every meal and snack, the body is properly fueled with the right balance of carbohydrate-protein-fat. When we choose this path and focus on these three principles, look out; we now have our nutrition lifestyle for a lifetime set into motion.