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Embrace Carbohydrates

Embrace Carbohydrates

     - Provide energy for ADLs (activities of daily living)

     - Provide energy for physical activity

     - Main fuel source for the brain

     - Helps to assist in battling diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease

     - Helps to assist in reducing body fat and body weight

     - Increase body’s ability to burn fat

     - Helps to assist in boosting mood

The bullet points above represent just a few of the many benefits of carbohydrates. I’m sure you would agree that each bullet point is quite important. So why would anyone want to cut out carbohydrates? Why would anyone want to follow a no carbohydrate or low carbohydrate diet? Great question because it’s nothing shy of self-sabotage to do so. Voluntarily cutting out carbohydrates is like siphoning out the gasoline from your car, replacing it with water and expecting your car to run. Not only will your car not run, but this will do serious damage to your car. The same holds true with the human body; cut out carbohydrates and replace them with high protein and fat and this is a diet disaster in the making. Will cutting out carbohydrates create a fast weight loss? Absolutely it will, every single time. But get ready, because this individual is also guaranteed to regain some, all or more of this weight right back. Not only is the weight regain nothing shy of a guarantee, but individuals that cut out carbohydrates can also experience a loss of muscle. And this brings along a host of other issues such as a slowed metabolism and higher body fat percentages.

Often times individuals want to know good carbohydrates versus bad carbohydrates. I do not break up carbohydrates into such a list, why? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. For example, candy, donuts and cake are all examples of carbohydrates. Will consuming such foods help assist in body transformation? Of course not. And, I never coach from a perspective of, ‘you can’t eat those foods.’ Rather, I just give the facts and individuals can decide for themselves which path they choose. So, will consuming candy, donuts and cake help an individual achieve the lean, light, well-muscled physique they desire? The answer is no and if anything, consuming such foods will significantly increase one’s body fat and body and body weight. Now again, I do not tell individuals not to each such foods. If someone chooses to consume such foods, that’s their choice and they just have to understand and accept the negative consequences (weight gain, body fat gain) that come with eating such foods.

What carbohydrates are recommended? Vegetables of course, right? Wrong. Vegetables are not carbohydrates. Vegetables are simply, well, vegetables. They are good for us. They provide the body with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. That’s it, done; they are good for us, let’s leave it at that. Sure, of course vegetables have a few grams of carbohydrates, but this does not make vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc.) a fuel/carbohydrate source. A slice of dense whole grain bread will have 5 grams of protein. Does this make this slice of bread a protein source? Of course not, it’s a carbohydrate source (and a great one at that!). The same holds true for vegetables. Just because they have a few grams of carbohydrates does not make them a fuel/carbohydrate source. Vegetables are vegetables. Consume them for their health benefits and do not mistake them for a source of fuel (remember, its like water in the gas tank, that’s not fuel).

We are talking about high-octane complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, potato, oatmeal, etc. After hearing this, all too often the knee jerk reaction is, ‘but carbohydrates make me fat!’ Oh really, carbohydrates make you fat, huh? (reread bullet points above) Here is what I find so interesting about the, ‘carbohydrates make me fat’ mentality. Now let’s keep in mind, these folks have to eat something, right? If they cut out carbohydrates, foods are still being consumed. Carbohydrates are being replaced with high protein and high fat. Do the same two words stand out to you (high fat)? Remember, these individuals are wanting to lose weight and lose body fat. So, let me get this straight. You want to lose weight and body fat and you think eating carbohydrates will make you fat. So, the next logical step is to eat high fat, really? Do you now see the huge disconnect with where the diet world has completely poisoned individuals’ minds? Back in 2005 when I wrote my book Forever Fit, I referred to this the DCA (Diet Con Artist). Because folks stuck in the diet and food fad world have been conned once again.

Let’s compare two meals. First off, let me put together a great high-octane breakfast. 2 slices whole grain bread, 2 egg whites, 2 tsp peanut butter. Now this is fuel! 318 calories, 51% carbohydrate, 25% protein, 24% fat. Now, the serial dieter is scared of this meal because of the bread and they think carbohydrates will make them gain weight. So instead, here is their breakfast of choice. Having personally coached thousands of individuals around the world, this meal has become the go-to for those following diets and food fads.  2 eggs, 4 slices turkey bacon. Let’s look at these numbers. 311 calories, 1% carbohydrate, 49% protein, 50% fat. What jumps right out to you? These individuals are throwing out the most important fuel source, carbohydrates, and instead consuming 50% fat…50%! Not to mention 49% protein. And let’s not ignore the 1% carbohydrate. 1% carbohydrate, that’s it, 1%. There is absolutely NO fuel here. These 2 meals are virtually identical in terms of calories. But the comparison stops there. Only one is fueling the body and the other, well, not at all. The high fat meal is feeding the body, not fueling the body.

Let’s look at some numbers and let’s go back to the, ‘vegetables are not a fuel/carbohydrate source.’

     - ½ cup mixed vegetables: 8g carbohydrate

     - ½ cup cooked brown rice: 22g carbohydrate

     - ½ cup cooked wheat pasta: 30g carbohydrate

Bottom line is this; we want to focus on fueling the body, not just feeding the body. We want some oomph and gusto behind our carbohydrates and we want to choose high octane fuel for the body. The brown rice and wheat pasta provide the oomph. In only ½ cup, the body and brain are provided with fuel; 22g and 30g carbohydrate respectively. Now this is fuel folks. In addition to these ever-so-important complex carbohydrates mentioned above, fruit is also a nice carbohydrate choice. Fruit is not a replacement for complex carbohydrates. For example, we do not want to cut out complex carbohydrates and consume fruit-only. But, fruit of course has its benefits and also provides the body with good antioxidants. And this is where 9Round Nutrition helps to take the thinking out of this nutrition process for you. We help you break through the clutter and we simplify the process. Each meal and snack on your 9Round Nutrition meal plan is properly balanced with the right balance of carbohydrate-protein-fat. This way, you do not need to calculate any numbers. We have done the work and the heavy lifting for you. All you need to is enjoy the meals and snacks as Rxd and you will be sure to have your body properly fueled for success.

If you are ready to provide your body the energy it needs. If you are ready to provide your brain the energy it needs. If you are ready to battle against diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. If you are ready to maximize your body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat. If you are ready to boost your mood. If you are ready to maximize performance and recovery. Then it’s time to drop the diet and food fad and embrace carbohydrates!