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Wear, Wash, Replace: Taking Care of Your Gym Gear

Wear, Wash, Replace: Taking Care of Your Gym Gear

Whether you’re sweating it out three times a week, or seven, it’s important to know how often you should clean and/or replace your workout gear. Some items are important for your health and safety, others are just a courtesy to the people who work out around you. Without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty about whether or not you really need to replace your “favorite” gym shorts…



We’re talking gym shorts, leggings, performance tees, tanks, and the like. The lifespan of your apparel depends on each garment's type of material and the manufacturer's specific instructions (which can be found on the tag, the information/price tag, or inside a pocket). Fabric softener diminishes the breathability, water repellency, and wicking ability of performance fabrics — so those items will lose their power within months if you don't care for them properly. You should line-dry these items as well, when possible. As a general rule, if your wife or girlfriend says it’s gotta go, she’s most likely right.



Worn-down sneakers can result in a lack of support and injuries. If you're participating in group exercise classes, or high intensity interval training, like 9Round, at least three times a week, figure that you'll probably need to replace your shoes every 9-12 months. If you're running five miles three times a week, every 5-8 months is recommended.


Gloves & Hand Wraps

We’re looking at you, 9Rounders! Here’s the deal, it gets sweaty in those gloves and your hand wraps are the first line of absorption. They’re basically the equivalent of wearing socks with your shoes. You wouldn’t wear your socks again and again without washing them (right?) Your wraps should be washed after every 2-3 uses. Check out this video for tips on easy washing and drying.

If you notice that no one wants to double up with you, it might be that stench coming from your gloves. Show your gloves some love and freshen them up after each use with NO STINK glove deodorizer. Just drop this all natural product in your gloves and let it go to work. No Stink is good for the life of your gloves, which we recommend be replaced every 6 months of regular use.


At-Home Fitness Equipment

Do you get your yoga on when you’re not at 9Round? Or maybe you keep a few things handy for those days when you just can’t get to the gym. Below are a couple popular items used for in-home fitness, and signs it may be time to replace them.

Yoga Mat - Little holes, slippery areas, or an odor that refuses to be washed out are the biggest signs that a mat should be trashed. Not having a good grip or proper cushion support is dangerous and puts added stress on your body. We’re not experts, but isn’t that the exact opposite of what you're trying to accomplish by practicing yoga?

Resistance Bands - Cracked areas or discoloration are red flags; the rubber is wearing down before your eyes and could snap while you're using it. Look carefully for signs of wear and rubbing where the band meets the handle.

Kettlebells & Other Weights - Free weights have an indefinite lifespan, so long as you don't notice any odd, deep cracks (which are unlikely), you're safe. Even the handle of a kettlebell is extremely difficult to break, unless dropped or thrown with crazy-brute force.


If you read this and realized that it’s time for some new workout gear, shop 9Round for fitness fashion and other gear, from top brands like Under Armour, that will having you looking as great as your freshly washed hand wraps smell!