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30-Apr-2019 | Womens Fitness

9Round Staff Picks: Fitness Gifts Every 9Round Mom Will Love

This Mother’s Day, opt for a gift that isn’t your typical piece of jewelry or candle. If you’re stressing over finding the perfect present, you’re in luck! We’ve picked some of our favorite items to help you celebrate the fitness-minded mom in your life: 1. FOR THE MOM...

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29-Apr-2019 | Kickboxing

Kickboxing is the New Cardio

Even if you have a love-hate relationship with cardio, we can all agree it’s an essential step in any fitness routine. Maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of cardio because you’re stuck trying to figure out what works the best for you. With so many different ways to check it off your list,...

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23-Apr-2019 | Kickboxing

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your 9Round Workout?

Whether you’re a 9Round newbie or an avid 9Rounder, you might be able to get more out of your workout with these tips from our Director of Fitness Programming, Drew “The Captain” Stauffacher. We sat down for a Q & A with Drew, who began his journey with 9Round as a trainer over...

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16-Apr-2019 | Fitness Circuit

CHOW - April 15, 2019

It’s time to show off your jump rope skills with this week’s CHOW! Whether you’re a jump rope wiz or a beginner, you can tackle this challenge with ease! We’re counting total basic bounces you can do in Round 1.  What is a basic bounce? - Start with the jump rope behind...

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16-Apr-2019 | Health & Fitness

Sweat Out the Stress

Whether you’re a college student prepping for finals or stressing over tax season, we can all agree that life can be a little hectic every once in a while – or all the time. So with National Stress Awareness Day upon us, it’s the right time to think about giving yourself a little TLC!...

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10-Apr-2019 | Fitness

CHOW - April 8, 2019

  Hey 9Round Nation, have you seen this week’s CHOW? For our latest challenge of the week, we’re engaging our core and focusing on working the abdominal muscles. On Round 9, challenge yourself with opposite hand and foot reaches! Check out the video for a step-by-step demo and a few...

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08-Apr-2019 | Fitness

Count Points – Not Calories

Let’s be real, how many times have you started a workout with the goal of burning a certain number of calories? If we’re being honest, it can be a common goal for a lot of us. We constantly hear about them on tv and we see a ton of “low calorie” snacks at grocery stores, so naturally...

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29-Mar-2019 | Womens Fitness

9Round Staff Picks: The Best HIIT-Proof Leggings

You already have a kicka$$ workout, but do you have the athleticwear to match? Listen up, Ladies – this one’s for you! If you’re hanging on to old, worn out gym pants that have seen better days or just never fit quite right, they might be preventing you from getting the most out of...

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22-Mar-2019 | Health & Fitness

7 Tips for Springing into a New Fitness Routine

With spring officially here, many of us feel rejuvenated and ready to get out of a winter slump. While most people are getting ready to focus on “Marie Kondo-ing” their homes, we think it’s a great time to tidy up your health and fitness regimen too. If punching and kicking bags doesn’t...

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15-Mar-2019 | Health & Fitness

Have Your Break and Eat Lunch, Too

We can hear all of you lunch break workout skeptics already, “Do you skip lunch?” “Does your boss care?” And the question at the top of everyone’s mind, “Don’t you get all sweaty?”  The short answers: No way, not particularly, and yes, but it’s...

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