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Four Ways 9Round "Fixed" the Fitness Industry

Four Ways 9Round "Fixed" the Fitness Industry

When I look at the $30 billion fitness industry as a whole, I love how many different options are available to encourage people to stay fit nowadays. From small classes, to mega-gyms, to personal trainers, to mobile apps, there is a workout outlet that appeals to everyone regardless of their preferred fitness environment. But, this variety of fitness options available to people has not always been the case.

When 9Round began 10 years ago, the boutique-style fitness trend was just getting started, meaning 9Round was in uncharted territory as a studio offering a very specific type of workout class to its members as opposed to an open gym with members coming and going and performing their own workout routines as they pleased. This offered both an opportunity for greatness as well as the challenge of trying to make a new trend popular among fitness consumers. 

In light of this challenge, we made it our mission at 9Round to make our workout like no other workout available at that time in ways that would appeal to our members on multiple levels. We wanted to combine convenience with intensity, while still making the whole process enjoyable. Because of this, we like to think that there are four main ways that 9Round “fixed” the fitness industry from day one.

No class times
This is the biggest differentiator between us and all the other boutique-style fitness centers out there. And although we may not have been the first to offer circuit-style workouts in general, we were the first kickboxing chain specifically to do so. We’ve found that when there are specific class times set for a studio, members often find themselves running late and ultimately just cancelling the class or putting off their workouts until the next day because it just did not fit as conveniently as possible into their schedules for that day. But with 9Round, you will never be late to a class, because you can come and go as you please with our circuit-style workouts. With the bell ringing to signal the start of a new station every three minutes, your trainer will plug you into the best station for you to start with as soon as you show up and then you are out the door and back to whatever your day holds next after just 30 minutes, every time.

Full-body workouts
Even though the classes may be just 30 minutes long, we still find a way to work out every part of your body during that short amount of time. There are no leg days, or arm days, or cardio days, etc. Instead, you’re working everything all at once: you’re punching, you’re kicking, you’re using dumbbells and medicine balls, you’re jump-roping, and more. And all of this happens in just one workout.  

A new workout every day
To keep things from getting boring each time you come into the 9Round studio, we like to switch things up… on a daily basis. From our headquarters, we record new workouts for each day of each week from what we like to call our 9Round “locker room”. And then we share those daily workouts with all of our 740+ 9Round locations all across the world through our company database at the start of every new week. So, when you’re doing today’s 9Round workout, someone else is doing that exact same workout, even halfway across the world. Talk about a workout that can bring us all together!

Personal trainer philosophies
Our final game-changer, and the one that really elevates our 9Round business, is our trainers. Our trainers do not just work in the fitness business – they work in the people business. And they are positive, encouraging, and excited about helping our members achieve their fitness goals. Think about it. Don’t you feel like you get so much more out of a workout when you have someone pushing you and encouraging you through it rather than just having to do it all on your own? With 9Round, you get this personalized support every time you walk into a workout, and that is why we see our members not just meeting, but exceeding, their fitness expectations after they join our studios.  


Today, you might find one or two of these key factors available in many other boutique-style workouts. But to this day, we are unique from all the other fitness options similar to us in that we offer ALL FOUR of these perks to our members every time they walk in the door, which remains revolutionary in this industry. No one does things quite like 9Round does, and that’s how we achieve our mission of making our members stronger in just 30 minutes.