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Making Fitness Available to ALL

Making Fitness Available to ALL

It is no secret that one of the main perks of working out is to get in shape. Whether the goal is weight loss or better muscle tone, a consistent exercise plan is a crucial part of the equation. But an added benefit of making fitness a priority is empowerment, especially for women. Exercise has been proven to have a positive impact on self-esteem, which helps us as women feel more confident and powerful in our own skin.

I know this from personal experience, as fitness has certainly improved my own self-confidence and overall quality of life, especially through kickboxing (more on this in my recent blog post, Fitness Kick). And I am sure that the 70% of our 9Round members who are also women would agree with this as well.

Fighting for our right to FITNESS
But in some countries, fitness has not always been as easily accessible for women. In a number of countries around the world, men and women are prohibited from exercising alongside one another. While being respectful of local cultural and/or religious practices, this leaves many women without a place to work out.

But as revolutionary changes are taking place in these countries to give women more independence, fitness centers have begun accommodating women who seek fitness opportunities by providing female-only gyms. I am proud to say that 9Round has supported these efforts from the start, taking proactive steps toward opening our own women-only studios in countries that need them. This year, 9Round has officially opened women-only gyms in both Dubai and Kuwait, two countries where such centers are a new, but important, phenomenon. As of now, Dubai has one women-only 9Round studio and Kuwait has two women-only 9Round studios.  

9Round: More than a Workout
These recent openings are yet another indication that 9Round offers its members so much more than just an intense workout. For anyone who walks through a 9Round studio’s doors, the time you spend with us is really about empowerment, strength, and perseverance. And that ultimately circles back to our mission: “Stronger in 30 minutes,” in more ways than one.

I love that we are finding more ways to accomplish that mission with all people, in as many corners of the world as we can, every day.